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Raccoon Removal Cincinnati

A Raccoon living in your home is bad news for your attic. They can damage your house and spoil your insulation. And guess what? They do not understand how to use the lavatory, and they sure as heck aren't going outdoors. Our AAAC Wildlife Removal pros of Cincinnati are here to help you evict your raccoon, tidy up the mess, and repair the damage. Raccoon control and removal should be initiated as quickly as the critter has been found staying in the area. Call now for an assessment!

Image of a raccoon
The only thing worse than raccoons on your deck is raccoons in your attic

Raccoons may look cute with their bandit masks and bushy tails, but these nocturnal creatures can wreak havoc on your home. They’re sneaky and will get into your home if you’re not careful. Once inside, these critters can cause all sorts of destruction. They will also defecate and urinate inside, which can pose serious health problems for you and your family.

If you think you have a raccoon problem, the professionals at AAAC Wildlife Removal of Cincinnati can help. We offer safe, humane wildlife removal services in Cincinnati and the surrounding area. Our team of experts will work quickly and efficiently to get rid of these pests for good.

Did you know that these animals may see very well due to their masks?

Cincinnati Raccoon Trapper

Raccoons are attracted to homes because they provide a warm, dry place to sleep, as well as easy access to food. Home attics also provide the perfect place to raise a family. Once they’ve settled in, it can be difficult to get rid of raccoons on your own.

Removing these unwanted house guests can be dangerous and complicated. You can’t simply go to a hardware store and buy the first trap you see. It’s important to choose the right type of trap, and to set it up correctly. Trapping these critters require a lot of knowledge and experience.

Our wildlife trappers have years of experience dealing with these animals. We know these animals well and know how to safely remove them from your home as well as keep them from returning. We use humane traps and methods, so you can be sure that the animal will not be harmed during the removal process.

Traps usually come in two forms:

  1. One way traps
  2. Two way traps

One way traps are more common and mostly do a suitable job. But two-way traps are the better way to go. They have a release door on both the entrance and exit sides of the trap. Animals are usually more likely to go into the trap if they see through the other side.

When trapping raccoons, it’s important to place the trap in an area where the animal is likely to go. Raccoons are creatures of habit and will usually return to the same spot time after time. You can increase your chances of success by using a bait that the raccoon will find irresistible. We found that marshmallows work the best for bait.

Once you’ve set the trap, it’s important to check it regularly. The critter can die of dehydration or heatstroke if it’s left in the trap for too long. Our team of experts will check the traps daily to make sure that the animals are removed in a timely manner.

Can you believe that this wildlife has very sensitive hands that almost act as a second set of eyes?

Raccoon Removal Near Me

At AAAC Wildlife Removal Cincinnati, we offer safe, humane animal removal services. We have been removing raccoons from homes in the Cincinnati area for years and have a lot of experience dealing with these critters. We know how to safely remove them from your home and keep them from returning.

Our racoon removal specialists are all licensed, insured and are all trained with the latest techniques and equipment. If you think you may have a wildlife problem, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at AAAC Wildlife Removal Cincinnati.

Did you know that these animals are both carnivores and herbivores?

Do Raccoon Repellants Work?

There are many wildlife repellant products on the market and most don’t really have any meaningful impact on keeping these animals away. The critters can usually just go around the repellent and continue doing what they were doing or they get used to the smell after a while.

The only thing that has been shown to be effective is a fence. A solid fence that is at least six feet high will deter most raccoons. But even this isn’t foolproof as some animals are clever enough to figure out how to get around the fence.

Our Raccoon Removal Process

Our removal process is simple, effective and has been proven to work time and time again. Here’s the process that we use:

Set and Bait Traps

Traps come in two types, one way and two ways. They are set in the early evening and checked daily. The animal can only go into the trap but not out so it’s best to use these traps baited with something the animal will love like marshmallows.

Catch the Raccoons in the Attic

Catching the pests in the attic can be difficult as they are nocturnal and very wary. However, we know these animals’ behavior and use that to our advantage. By using the traps and baiting them correctly, we can usually catch these animals pretty quickly.

Remove Nearby Food Sources

Removing the nearby food sources is an important step in animal control. This includes removing pet food, bird feeders, and anything else that may be attracting the animals to your home.

Seal Up Entry Points so They Can’t Return

The entry points will also be sealed to keep other animals from getting into your home. This is an important step in critter removal as it will help to prevent future problems.

Clean Up the Messes and Replace Insulation if Needed

Raccoons are messy animals and will often leave behind their droppings, urine, and food. Once the animals have been removed, we will clean up any messes they may have left behind. This includes replacing soiled and damaged insulation. We will also sanitize the area to make sure that there are no diseases or parasites left behind.

Repair the Damage Done to the Interior and Exterior

Once all of the raccoons have been removed, we will repair any damage they have caused. This includes repairing any damage to the roof, soffit, insulation, wiring, or ductwork.

Racoon Trapper Cincinnati

Hiring a professional wildlife control company is the best way to remove raccoons from your home. It is never a good idea to utilize a pest control company that will use poisons to control the animal like this can be extremely dangerous to your family, pets, and the environment.

Poisoned animals will roam and track the dangerous poison throughout your home and can easily die in an inaccessible area. This is a risky and inhumane way to deal with any animal problem, raccoon or otherwise.

Dead Racoon Removal Near Me

Raccoons or other wild animals can die inside your home for a number of reasons. When they do, they need to be removed as soon as possible. If the animal is not removed, the carcass will start to decompose and will attract other animals and insects looking for a meal.

This creates a very dangerous and unsanitary situation that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Our team of experts will remove the animal safely and quickly so you can put this unpleasant experience behind you.

We have the tools and safety equipment to remove the animal quickly and safely. We can remove the stinky carcass wherever it is in your home and will take care of all the cleanup.

Commercial Animal Removal

Besides doing residential animal removal, we also offer commercial animal removal services. Nuisance wildlife like birds, rats, and raccoons can cause serious damage to your business. They can contaminate food, ruin equipment, and spread diseases.

They also make your place of business look unprofessional and can scare away customers. Don’t let these critters ruin your business, give us a call today. We will inspect your property and develop a plan to remove the animals and keep them from coming back.

Wildlife Removal, Attic Cleanup and Re-Insulation

Female raccoons who have their young loves to be in the attic as it’s a warm and safe place for them to raise their young. They absolutely love the security and safety that the attic provides.

Living there, they will create all sorts of havoc and make a real mess of things. They will tear up the insulation in the attic in search of food, water, and nesting material. This can lead to your home becoming energy inefficient and cost you more money in the long run.

Raccoons will also urinate and defecate throughout the attic, which can lead to dangerous mold and mildew growth. Not to mention, the smell of animal urine and feces will be extremely potent and difficult to get rid of.

Our wildlife experts will clean, sanitize, and deodorize your attic. We will also re-insulate your attic to make sure that it is energy efficient and keep those pesky raccoons out for good.

Wildlife Damage Repair and Entry Hole Seal-up

Once our professionals have removed the raccoons from your home, our team can start repairing the damage. We’ll fix the damage inside and outside your home and make sure that no wild animal can enter your house again.

Our friendly AAAC Wildlife Removal professionals are masters in carpentry and will make sure that your home looks as if there never was a problem, to begin with.

We offer these services in the surrounding areas of Warren County, Butler County, Clermont County, Hamilton County, Brown County, and Clinton County.

FAQs About Racoon Removal

Q: Are raccoons protected in Ohio?

A: Raccoons are fur bearing animals and therefore protected under the Ohio Revised Code 1533.71 which states it is unlawful to hunt, trap, take, or possess raccoon without a license.

Q: Is it legal to kill raccoons in Ohio?

A: Raccoon hunting is illegal in the state of Ohio unless you have a special permit and when it’s during the proper season. You are, however, allowed to trap or shoot raccoons on your property if they are causing a problem.

Q: Is it illegal to relocate raccoons in Ohio?

A: In Ohio, all raccoons that are trapped must either be released back on the homeowner’s property or humanely euthanized in order to avoid the transmission of diseases.

Q: How to dispose of a trapped raccoon in Ohio?

A: Due to the rabies risk, raccoons cannot be trapped and relocated under any circumstances. Captured nuisance animals must be euthanized on the property where it was captured or released.

Q: Can I have a pet raccoon in Ohio?

A: Unless you have a permit from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, no. It is illegal to possess a live raccoon in Ohio without the proper permit. Raccoons can carry rabies and other diseases that are harmful to humans and pets.

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